Sunday, April 23, 2006

April 23 2006, Some unexpected junk needs to be picked up and moved off our South Kona Farm

042306, Unfortunately we discovered loads and loads of trash we needed to haul away...


Thursday, April 6, 2006

April 2006, Friends Help Us With Our Work

Lawrence and Ikaka visit and get “Tom Sawyered” into helping. Besides coffee we have some wonderful citrus that we pick and enjoy during its season..

Here we see "Uncle Lawrence" who has a fruit picker that comes in very handy to reach up into the trees.


Ikaka (below) helped us many many days try to weed eat with the residential style whackers...
With those "hardware store" things you seemed to move just 40 or 50 feet after working all morning!

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

April 2006, We Get Possession of our Hawaiian Farm in Honaunau Hawaii

April 2006_We get possession of the farm

Yes, finally we get possession and it is a long period during which we move from one place to the other and at the same time attempt to get started with clearing out some junk left by the previous owner.
While getting things to the final packing stages at the previous house, we get this house painted on the inside.
We also start getting a new solar water heater system put in.
We continue to try to control weeds all during this time.

We quickly found out the weeds are a BIG chore -- with everything else we can’t seem to keep up.

We look at a SKAG mower that is supposed to make short work of this problem. I wonder???