Monday, July 7, 2008

July 2008, What is so close to us -- Hokena Beach

We often work so hard we can forget we have a wonderful beach just about 15 minutes away from us.

Here we are July 7th -- with a very nice and relaxing spot.


Lot’s of people see the beach, but what about what is up higher? This is a view from way up in the caves looking out from the side of the mountain! It’s a steep climb up to these caves, and no specific trail, but very doable. Take your water and also a camera!

And what do the caves look like inside? Here Ric and I are in the middle of an inside fork.
As you can tell it is massive.

People actually can come and stay for $5 a person a night at this beach. It has its own outdoor shower for washing from swims, and then a complete bathroom with plenty of hot water. There are a nice number of camping sites some with barbecue pits. You just need to select a site and see a park attendant to pay your fee before it gets dark... Since we are about mile marker 105, it is just a two mile trip down our mountain, then from 105 to 101 and then maybe another 2 miles down to the beach. Along the way there is a nice local grocery store where you can stop and buy sandwiches and drinks if you want. Often times (unless we just pick up and go -- which can happen if we get rained out from work) we will make our own tuna sandwiches or spam musubis.

<<CLICK HERE To download this whole brochure about Hokena>>