Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from the coffee farm and Dressing Recipe

I was just trying to remember where I had put my favorite Thanksgiving dressing recipe. Turns out it is in my recipe program (I use MacGourmet). And just in case you were looking to try a nice recipe, this one works very well whether for a pan of dressing or used to stuff the bird. Click here to download the recipe in PDF format.



Monday, November 17, 2008

November 2008, We get more serious about the website

With the stock market going up and down like a butter churn and many businesses and industries having flat or slower than expected cash flow from flat or slower sales, we had already been adjusting and working on our websites on and off for several months.

It happened thru mostly a fluke that we ran into a website we had been to probably three years or a bit more before which made mention of an offer for Kona Coffee which used to come from this very farm. An email inquiry or two and we find our web optimization and marketing now being carefully considered and greatly assisted by Scott Supak...

"ta da:"

Scott has some common interests with us, like organic practices and sustainable living. He has even been to the farm here -- what kind of deja vu or voodoo is that?

We want to welcome Scott and we appreciate his help that's for certain.

You can take a break from our adventures (but be sure to come back!) and surf for a long time just following Scott's wide range of threads and the various sites he is involved directly or indirectly in -- perhaps the easiest to start with is the site named with his last name at