Saturday, February 23, 2008

February 2008_Aka Presents a BreadFruit Seminar (Can you say Ulu)

This is a flyer that advertised Aka’s Workshop on Ulu

One thing about moving to a farm is trying to learn what grows all around us that we can harvest and eat. This is also in line with the idea of sustainability -- you should find and eat what you are growing, and plant more of those things you might want to eat. One of those things is Ulu or Hawaiian Breadfruit.

We just happen to have currently staying on the farm one who knows all about this subject, Aka Dooley. And so on Feburary 23rd, Ric and Jerry attended what was to be an all afternoon affair.

In the pictures below...

On the left you see the small group participating in the workshop as Aka is at the outdoor stove whipping up some ulu-fare and showing the group exactly how it’s done!

Right Aka inside has many platters of food ready for participants to take home to savor!

We will probably have much more to say about Aka, but just a brief introduction...

Aka and Brody live in the cottage that is near by our house on the farm.

Aka is quite a ham, she loves to have her pictures taken and we will oblige and put a couple more below for you to see..
Aka is very multifaceted, right below left she is “at home on the farm”.. Then on the right she is more formalized..


This is Brody, Aka’s husband..


Aka is a teacher, is thought to be a healer, and much more. Below, a friend of ours from St. Louis “gets a reading” by Aka on our back lanai at the farm in Honaunau