Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 21, 2008, Kona's First Annual Gay Pride Event

Another historical event, Kona does it’s first ever Gay Pride Parade and Fair. We spent a lot of time scurrying to get all our stuff in order to attend. We were invited right at the last moment and there was some confusion several times, not too difficult to imagine since this was the first ever time and they were doing everything from ground zero.

We were next to some realtors, not far from a health booth and across from the Pilagro for Mayor booth.

Here we are -- we were in a narrow slot with landscaping all around us.

Jerry came with and helped us with the pre-set up and set up, and he helped sell products during the expo.

Our menu so to speak...


We were visited by royalty..

The group poses -- very cute!

As usual, Jerry knows a lot of people!