Friday, September 8, 2006

September 2006, We get to process our own coffee beans to the parchment stage: "whoopie!" Yes, those are our coffee beans in the blue tub af

September 2006_Picking Season

We are a bit late getting started but there is plenty to pick. Much of our cherry is very nice size.


September 7th -- we get things we need, like a moisture meter, a scale, and a plastic shovel (like a snow shovel) that
works well on decks to scoop parchment.

Here Christine and Ken Sheppard get the hoops ready to go on top of the sun drying deck. The whoops will support the plastic that will cover over the deck to help it keep hot and also to protect the wood from getting excess exposure to water...


September 13th -- we take some of our coffee to Rick Funk to get it pulped while our deck gets to it’s finishing point. Rick was a neighbor right up the road from us and the first President (and a charter member) of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association.


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