Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Costco Promotes Hawaii in it's July Issue of "The Costco Connection"

Cudos to Costco for giving all the Hawaiian Islands a big “thumbs up” in it’s latest issue of their membership magazine (“The Costco Connection”) under a headline entitled “Play it as it leis The Hawaiian Islands beckon”

On page 53 they devote 3/4 of the page to the article which states “Hawaii is an almost flawless destination...”

About the Big Island they continue: “Hawaii contains nearly every one of the earth’s ecological zones,...”

Yes indeed, we have 10 of the thirteen climates right here on the Big Island that are just within a six hour drive if you go all the way around the Island in a day!

We are happy to see this promotion, and hope you pick up your own copy or borrow a friend’s to look it over yourself!

Our local Costco now extends its hours all the way to 8:30PM during the week (6PM on weekends) and we have been there at 8PM ourselves and the place was still rather busy. Don’t forget if you come to visit that we have the same inexpensive hot dogs with a refillable soda specials that are featured all over the U.S. -- the only difference in price between here and anywhere else would be the tax structures (our GE tax is 4.166% which is less expensive than many places on the mainland)...

And don’t forget if you come to this side of the Big Island (the “West side”) Costco is your best bargain for gasoline.


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alloutpainting@att.net said...

love your site thanks for all the great storys and advise and i really like the kona sections we love hawaian coffee best thingin the world have you ever tried german coffe if you should try it